The Best Men’s Haircuts for Oval Faces – A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Cut

haircut for an oval face shape

Whether you’re in need of a change or just getting started on discovering your best style, men’s haircuts for oval faces can completely alter the look of your face and give you an updated overall appearance. However, with so many types and styles to choose from, it can be extremely overwhelming trying to determine which one will work best with this unique shape. To help simplify the process and ensure that each cut suits your needs, we have put together this guide full of tips and advice on finding the perfect hairstyle that complements your oval-shaped face. From short crops to classic pompadours, learn what options should top any list when looking for those stylish cuts!

The perfect men’s haircut for an oval face – tips and trends

Oval-shaped faces are considered one of the most versatile when it comes to haircuts. However, finding the perfect men haircuts for oval face can be tricky. To help you out, here are a few tips and trends that will ensure you have a flattering cut:

Go Short: A short hairstyle such as a buzzcut, crew cut, or textured crop is ideal for those with an oval-shaped face. These styles make your features look more angular while keeping your hair easy to manage.

Choose Angled Layers: To add more definition and texture to your hair, opt for long layers that angle down from the crown. This helps create the illusion of fullness on top while keeping the sides looking neat.

perfect hairstyle that complements your oval-shaped face

Opt for Texture: To give your hair more volume and movement, add some texture to it. This can be achieved through styling products or even a razor cut. For example, textured hair with an oval face looks great, giving it just the right amount of edge without overpowering the look.

Try a Side Part: A side part is another popular hairstyle for men with oval faces. This helps add definition to your face while framing your features nicely. In addition, a high side part adds height to the top of your head, giving you an air of confidence and sophistication.

Be Bold: If you’re feeling adventurous, try out a bold color or pattern in your hair. For example, an undercut with bright highlights or a Mohawk style can make your features stand out.

These are just some tips and trends for finding the perfect men’s haircut for an oval face. With a bit of experimentation, you should be able to find one that flatters your face shape and makes you look your best.

Guide to finding the perfect haircut for an oval face shape

The goal of an oval face shape is to find a hairstyle that adds width and fullness at the sides while maintaining balance. With this in mind, here are some tips for finding the perfect haircuts for an oval face:

  1. Balance Out Your Face Shape with Voluminous Layers – Adding layers is a great way to add volume and balance your face shape. Go for long layers that start around eye level or even slightly lower, as these will help frame the face nicely and create more of an oval effect.
  2. Avoid Choppy Bangs – Choppy bangs tend to make an oval face look longer than it is, so avoid them if possible. Instead, opt for a longer side-swept style or a layered fringe that adds some volume without overwhelming your face.
  3. Add Width with Soft Curls or Waves – Soft waves and curls can add great width to an oval face, helping to create a more balanced look. Go for long layers and let your natural wave add the texture you need for a softer, fuller look.
  4. Try Textured Pixie Cut – If you prefer to keep it short, try opting for a pixie cut with plenty of texture. This will help draw attention away from the length of your face while still accentuating your features in all the right ways!

By following these tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect haircut for your oval face shape. With the right cut, you can show off your unique features and look stunning!